Project Outcomes (2005 - 2011)

Industrially relevant CCMD research projects performed by Penn State and Georgia Tech graduate students and post doctoral fellows, advised by faculty, have made major contributions to the field. Over 80 CCMD related manuscripts have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, one book has been printed and several chapters of one-time publications. Seventeen symposia were organized by CCMD faculty in a range of professional society meetings and over 160 presentations were delivered based on the Center's activities. Several new courses, positively influenced by CCMD and developed by Center faculty, are offered at Penn State and Georgia Tech. The new curricula breadth spans undergraduate and graduate courses in materials science and engineering majors and computational science minors.

CCMD members have signed multiple software licensing agreements as a product of research projects which they mentored. Other members have also benefited from mentoring CCMD graduate students. Success stories generated by two members, the United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and The Timken Company, are based on results of CCMD research projects focused on industrial and research needs of the members, faculty collaboration, and mentoring graduate students. The AFRL states "In this case hundreds of simulated material volumes were analyzed computationally at a fraction of the cost that it would have taken to perform a similar analysis experimentally." 1 The graduate student involved in this project earned his PhD and is now employed by AFRL. The Timken Company states in part, "Many of the projects within in CCMD are positioned to have a positive impact on Timken's ability to provide solutions for their customer. Once fully realized, these capabilities represent potential savings in design and test cost and generation of new business valued at several million dollars per year." 2

CCMD faculty have contributed to human resource development by participating in the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) with students from the State College Area School District and Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), both NSF-funded, Women In Science and Engineering Research (WISER), Summer Experience in Earth and Mineral Sciences (SEEMS) programs at Penn State that promote educational opportunities to diversified groups. The REU and WISER programs at Penn State are complemented by programs at Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech CCMD faculty have participated as an assistant coach for the Parkview High School (Lilburn, GA) Science Olympiad Team and as host for six top undergraduate students from IIT-Kharagpur.

1 Contributed by Dr. Craig Przybyla, USAF Air Force Research Lab, March 31, 2011; Distribution Statement A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited (Case # 88ABW-2011-2226).

2 Contributed by Edward F. (Buddy) Damm, The Timken Company,March 10, 2009; Reviewed internally and available for public release.